Importing Storyline shows old content and may address to memory

Hi all,

I quit often use the same templates for a new project was under the impression that deleting the not relevant slides for the new project was sufficient to carry on. I noticed however that the size of the remained the same as befor deleting the slides. Here my thoughts I woud like to share with you;

1. When importing a SL project into Storyline I have noticed that all the so-called deleted slides are still there!

2. It therefore takes a long while for the import function. If you for instance have deleted 45 slides in your new project and there are only 5 actual slides remanining it will still show you the 50 slides

3. I could imagine that this issue could address the regular occuring 'out of memory' remark on the forum.

4. I can not find a way to delete old slides permanently and not re-occuring when imported 

I have also copied this to the support request

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Dennis Hall

Hi John:

This is a known issue.

The fix is to copy and paste the slides into a new story file.

I have found all the resources of the original project remain intact. In short the library is not cleaned up of unused objects. Captivate has the same issue, however, they have added a button that cleans up unused objects in Captivate.

Articulate has yet to create a button with this function in Storyline.

The good news... When you publish the project the unused objects are not included.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall