Importing Studio 09 into Storyline 2 - have you done it? Any hints and tips?

I have a course built on Articulate Studio 09, using pretty much all the tools and features. 

The course is about 5 hours duration in total and  I have a new customer requirement that will need the existing course to be customised.

I'm trying to find a summary of what can and can't be automatically imported into Storyline 2,  as well as, for anything that can't be automatically imported, what the manual options are.

Also what is the general advice about how to make the best use of Storylines features, in comparison to Studio 09 and do you have any hints and tips to make this a painless experience?

Any rules of thumb for calculating development effort to do the conversion?

Thanks in advance for your help!



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bryan,

I don't know that I've seen any general tips or comparisons of Studio 09 to Storyline 2 - but there is a comparison of Studio '13 to Storyline 2.

Some things that won't import are the Presenter player,  Presenter attachments and then some general differences with Presenter/Powerpoint into Storyline.

You will need to have Engage installed and activated to import into Storyline - but you won't need to have Quizmaker or Presenter installe.