Importing Studio 9 projects into Storyline 13 - IS THIS POSSIBLE?!

Oct 22, 2013

Hi everyone!

Historically at my company, we used Studio 9 to develop all our elearning. I am proposing to my manager we make the switch to Storyline 13 because of the advanced features (which I love) but need to make sure we can open old Studio 9 projects in Storyline in case of updates. On the main Articulate site, it says you can open Studio projects in Storyline 13. Doesn't specify which version of Studio or how to do so. Has anyone figured this out? Pleas help! I am hoping to get my recommendations to my manager by later today. Can i open Studio 9 projects in Storyline 13?!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Michael for sharing that. Additionally if you're thinking about upgrading from Studio 09 to Studio 13, you'll be able to open your projects within Studio 13. You'll be presented with a message to update the file, and it'll save a backup copy of the file you created in Studio 09. Elements such as a custom player that you created in Studio 09 will not transfer as the player elements in Studio 13 are different. 

Also, Studio and Storyline can live together on the same computer - but Studio 09 and Studio 13 may not (one could run in a virtual machine). 

Nancy Woinoski

Michael Hinze said:

Just to avoid any confusion, there is no Storyline '13, only Studio '13. You can import content from Engage '09 (see info here) and QuizMaker '09 (see info here) into Storyline. Importing content from Studio '13 into Storyline is not supported yet.

Just to add to what Michael said - you can import the PowerPoint presentations ( which are the basis of your Studio 9 projects) into Storyline.

Some of the animation futures in Studio are not currently supported in Storyline so you may have to do some adjustments to your slides once imported to Storyline.

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