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Helen Liddell

Hi Wendy, 

They originally went to my downloads folder. So I did a copy/paste, and pasted them into the path you listed above, and also re-started my machine, and they still don't appear in the templates box. I am assuming that they should appear in the templates box, when you say "insert>new slide>templates

Helen Liddell

Okay, I tink I figured it out. Looks like I have to actually open the downloaded template, and do a save as template, and then storyline puts a copy in the templates box. Not sure if this is typical, but now I know how to get them in there. I thought even if you don't use them, they would still be in there. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Helen for sharing the update here. When you download them, are they appearing as .story files or .storytemplate files? The former, you'd need to save as the templates to be able to access them as such and that is how the majority of the templates are set up and would need to be saved following the steps here to share

Kim Hofmann

Thanks for the quick reply!
I'll try again (as soon as I finish this project which is due this week) and let you know if it still doesn't work. I've cobbled together a way to get the template until then.


Kim Hofmann, RDN, LD.

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