Importing video taken from PowerPoint

To create dynamic animation in Articulate Storyline I am using same images in PowerPoint. Creating a motion path and then saving it or exporting it as a .mpg4, and other video types. My issue is when I import it into Articulate there is clearly a video quality issue and the video looks pixelated or objects in it do. I check the video file and the file by itself runs in full screen crystal clean.

My ultimate goal is to create a motion path to use in articulate as part of an e-learning course. Why wont the video import and look right?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicolas and welcome to Heroes! 

There is some compression that occurs of videos within Storyline during publish as described here,  and a number of community members share that they've used the workaround - to replace the compressed video files with the originals after publishing: