Importing Videos (FLV vs MP4/M4V)

Jul 06, 2015

Hi, I am testing importing similarly spec'd videos, both m4v and flv with the same frame rate, resolution, etc. 

When I import the FLV, it leaves both a seemingly untouched FLV in the output and a mp4 both (i.e. I import a 40 MB FLV file into SL2, and when I publish it spits out a 40MB FLV and a 6.5 MB MP4.)

However, when I import a m4v file of the same specs, I basically get about the same size mp4 in the output (about 6.5MB) but I get no FLV at all?  

Having seen that, my instinct is to just use M4V for import because I don't want our users having to stream a 40 MB FLV file when taking our training, but I guess I don't understand how that is exactly working.  

If I import the FLV,  will the Flash output use the FLV and the HTML5 users use the mp4?   If I import that m4v will the Flash and HTML5 users both just use the mp4?

I feel like this is a no-brainer to not import FLV's but instead just import m4v files, but I am afraid I am totally missing something here.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Eric -- Please take a look at the following information regarding How Videos Are Encoded in Articulate Storyline. Hope this helps, and if not, please let me know!

Here's how Articulate Storyline encodes videos in your courses, based on their original file format and the output options you choose when publishing:

Original Video Format Flash Output Mobile Output HTML5 Output
MP4: Re-encoded to MP4 Re-encoded to MP4 Re-encoded to MP4
FLV (no alpha channel): Encoded to MP4 Encoded to MP4 Encoded to MP4
FLV (alpha channel): No change (FLV) No change (FLV) Encoded to MP4*
SWF: No change (SWF) Not supported Not supported
All other file types: Encoded to MP4 Encoded to MP4 Encoded to MP4

*Alpha channel transparency isn't supported in HTML5 output. As a result, FLV videos with alpha channels will be encoded as MP4 videos in HTML5 output.

Rob Tingle

Hello - when using PRESENTER 360 to import MP4  (powerpoint, articulate, video, "add slide video from file"), I sometimes get the option (shown below) to "Do not compress video at publish."  I want this option every time.  Is this option dependent on how the MP4 was converted from AVI?  What should the settings be?  720x480?  Please tell me what your articulate programmers have set to trigger this option check box.  thank you!
Do not compress video at publish




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