Impossible to access a file : .story HELP!! Please

Hi everybody! 
Hope you are well! 
I land on a new job since monday and I already have a BIG problem. One of the file I need to achieve is LOCKED. It's impossible to open it, to move/copy it somewhere else,  on USB drive or Google Drive.
I called IT support but even as Admin, they can't open it?
Is there any of you who had this problem before and in this case what did  you do ? 
Thank you for your time, your help and your advices. 

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Ali Goulet

Hi Xavier- Congratulations on the new job! What do you mean by it being locked? Where is it located currently? Are you receiving any errors when you try to open it? 

Just to verify, this the .story project file you're trying to access? If so, one thing you could try is opening a new file in Storyline and then importing all the slides from the one you're having difficulty accessing into the new file. Let me know how that goes!

Xavier Cambier

Hi Ali, 
Sorry to answer you so late, I'm new in my job and I had 2 days training. 
Thank you for your answer, I tried your technic because I re-use a lot of slides from a project to an other. 

It doesn't work because the file is locked. Even helpdesk can't have access. When i open it on Storyline 2 this is the alert I receive : "The file is used by another processus or you don't have the Security Clearance adapted to access the file."

I will see with the helpdesk this week what can we do! 

Again, thank you for your reply!  I will let you know!