Impossible to customize in the timeline the last line of text

I tried the following.

I created a PPT2003 two-slide presentation with the second one that contains just a  text box (the default one) with four lines of text  with a standard click animation (entry diamond) trigger

  • Title 1,
  • Title 2,
  • Title 3,
  • Title 4

When imported to SL, the last line of text (Title 4) cannot be selected in the timeline and moved as one pleases. The other three items can be selected and moved as one wants. If I add to the text box another line of text, below Title 4, the latter becomes selectable and can be customized with timing. If I remove the last (just created) line, I get that  the Title 4 item loses the timing customization and returns to the position (towards the end of the timeline) that it had before. Moreover it returns to be unselectable.

Is it just a bug or is it a feture that I am missing?

Thanks for any feedback

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anthony queen

Just an Update:

I am not able to replicate the issue: I re-imported the ppt and now title 4 is selectable. I do not know what it happened. Curious to know if others came up with similar issues. Initially I was just playing with lines and box text colors, before noticing what I mentioned above. 

Sorry for the trouble