Impossible to review a quiz and then try again


I use a bank questions, and the learner is offered to try again the quiz on the result slide.

Then, my client asked me to add a "review quiz" button on the result slide

Problem :

- I can do the quiz, try again if I failed, and then review

- I can't review the quiz and then try it again, the screens remains at their "review state"

Maybe it's an important point : I'm obliged to use buttons customised for next/previous buttons, and submit, review and try again buttons (client's demand)

I attach on this screen an anonymized story to show the problem.

If someone can help...

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Genia,

You'll want to check the trigger order for these - as the "review" or "reset" should appear before the jump to slide. Also, the buttons were overlapping those on the base layer - so I moved them a bit so that you could be sure which one you were clicking on. Can you check out the updates I made to your version?