Improve Tab Order functionality in Storyline 360

Hi Everyone, 

This is more of a community request rather than a support issue. In working with the Tab Order, our design team has come up with some feature requests for SL360. While we've made the official feature request online, we know that the squeaky wheel gets the grease! If these are items that plague your teams as well, please take a moment to submit a feature request. Here are our feature requests/suggestions:

  • Within the Tab Order window, add a one-click "send to top" and "send to bottom" option. Depending on the setup, objects added to slides/layers after the fact are immediately sent to the bottom of the list. Having a way to quickly move them up to the top would be very helpful, especially when the slide may already have 60+ items in the tab order with layers, etc.
  • Within the Tab Order window, allow for moving multiple line items together. In certain situations, you may have set your Tab Order, but then decided on a different flow or maybe have added a new layer. Being able to select multiple line items at one time, and move them together, would save time (and our sanity).
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Joe Shultheis

WOW I am so with you on this request.  I am guessing a fair amount of people do not bother or care much about tabbing, but we are held to strict mandates regarding accessibility.  I will add a thought I had on improving the tab window functionality. ) I sent this in before but do not see it posted or can not find it.)

Along with your suggestions Jackie, this would be great:  Have a column to enter the tab order of any given object numerically, then once done click a "re-order" button, viola.  

I spend way too long in the tab order window.

Neil Forrest

100% agree with this - I also like Joe's suggestion of being able to re-order numerically. What do you guys think about also having the functionality of not having to save and close the tab order dialogue box for each slide, but instead being able to move from slide to slide within the dialogue box and saving as you go?

I'm going to submit a feature request and reference this page also, hopefully it gets some traction?