Improved Mobile Delivery in Articulate 360?

Nov 09, 2016

I just watched the video on Articulate 360 and I want to make sure I understand something.

It seems as if Articulate is claiming that 360 offers a greatly improved mobile delivery/playback functionality.  Am I correct in understanding this?

The HTML5 publishing option and Articulate Player for iPad in Storyline 2 are wonky at best, virtually non-usable at worst. If 360 has addressed this, I may look into it.



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Jeremy Negrey

I'm with you Bob!

I  just convinced my new boss to drop Captivate and buy Storyline 2 licenses for our entire team about a month ago.  I specifically asked if a new version Storyline was set to be delivered in the next 6-12 months that would offer subscription-based pricing and improved mobile delivery capabilities, because those were her two main concerns with Storyline 2.

The sales representative said no, that there was a very early beta version of the software but a new release was not imminent.

Now, literally a month later, 360 comes out and addresses both of these issues?  I'm going to have to answer for this and I feel like I was mislead...maybe even straight-up lied to.

Bob Kaart

It's a great package if you're new to articulate/elearning, to have all of these auth tools available to you. I personally have been using storyline for over 2.5 years, literally breathing the software. I'm convinced I don't need any of the other provided tools. This is just my personal opinion.

It puts the current Storyline 2 users in a very odd situation. Are the Storyline 2 users going to miss out on a lot, by not upgrading to SL 360? Is SL2 going to stop being fully supported/patched frequently? Are SL2 files going to be compatible with SL360?

Like Jeremy mentioned, a heads up would of been fantastic. I would of not advised my company to buy articulate software, knowing it was all going to be out of date 3 months later.

Anyway, back to my articulate project... 

Eric Allen

Yeah I'd like to get a little better info on the "improved mobile" delivery.  The zooming thing aside, what exactly is "improved" about it?  And I don't mean to come across in a condescending way here, but what should I expect to see that's improved about it, gesture/zooming aside?   And am I to expect that SL2 will not benefit from the same improved mobile  publishing that SL360 has been afforded?

I really need some answers to these questions because I have a very big decision to make here.


thank you for your time.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeremy and Eric,

Phil gave you some good info on the responsive player, and I wanted to add a few more details. The new responsive player dynamically adapts to tablet and smartphone screens. The player hides sidebar menus, eliminates browser chrome, and delivers mobile‑friendly playback controls optimized for every screen size and orientation. It also supports touchscreen gestures, so learners can swipe, drag, and pinch‑to‑zoom on tablets and mobile devices.

For a great demo of the responsive player, check out this video by our CTO Arlyn Asch.

We’ll continue to offer standalone license options for Storyline, and we’ll release a new perpetual version of Storyline including the responsive player next year. One of the benefits of Articulate 360 is getting access to features as we release them—but we’ll continue to update the perpetual license versions as well.

Also, Jeremy please get in touch with our success team to discuss your pricing options since you’re an existing customer. You can reach out to them here. 

If you have any other questions feel free to let me know here or use the link above to connect with our Success team on those as well. 

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