Improving Bulletted Slides with Interactions

Hi all,

My .pptx source files are often laden w/boring bullets.  Where's the "convert-boring-bullets-to-lively-interactive-content" feature? :-) Even if not necessarily quick...anything to turn cheap bullets into golden opportunity...

Top-of-head, I think of making each bullet entry a button...or a hot spot. Then create triggers for each button/hot-spot to show a new layer, jump to slide(s), or reveal a lightbox.

Any "fire the bullet" ideas greatly appreciated!




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Ulises Musseb

Tom's ideas and suggestions are excellent.

I have encountered a few instances when I have no other choice than to list things. I never use bullet points. Instead I know of Duarte Diagrammer where I can see/use many ways of presenting and organizing key points in a given slide. Again, that is in circumstances when I have no other choice but to list items.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Steven -- I see that you have received some great input here thus far! I thought I might also stop in to share the following:

And you are always welcome to reach out over in our design-related Building Better Courses forum here, as well!