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I just tried to find a tutorial about "Collaborate with multiple authors". So you can guess what I'm into. But this search returned zero results. I'm not surprised, because this still is a standard result whenever I use some search in some place. There is a second standard result: Screens over screens of unsorted hits, one more irrelevant than the other.

After 30 years of indexing both results should no longer be the case. So we may do something about it before we have AI in place.

I can imagine one little thing, which could lead to outstanding effects in no time:
I call it "No hits? Call me!". This is what I do with several wiki spaces. This way I learn, which terms are actually used for searching by my customers. I know the content of my spaces and I know if something should be found. So I label the good hits with the terms, my customers give me - with the amazing result, that they can continue with the terms which come to their mind first. The difference is: now they get highly relevant hits.

Can't this be implemented here as well? This would be a perfect job for some slightly autistic person with remarkable memory capabilities.

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Leslie McKerchie

Thanks, Anselm.

I was able to search for those terms as well and see what you mean. I'm passing this information on to the right team.

In the meantime, this may be what you're looking for:

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Feel free to reach out if we can help you with anything further.