Improving the E-learning Challenges as a Resource

Many times I try to go back and get ideas from the e-learning challenges. But I have noticed that these days many of the demo links are broken and no longer function. In any case, to keep that from happening in the future I think that a centralized place for storing the demo versions should be set up. Maybe somebody already thought about that, but I thought I would post the suggestion.

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David Anderson

This has been an ongoing challenge for me. We've talked about having a central process for uploading but that still wouldn't prevent demos from disappearing or not playing correctly.

That's because browsers keep changing their HTML5 rules which means courses constantly need to be republished. 

Another thing we've talked about is asking for the source files for each project. I don't know if I want to take on the extra work of republishing files... We have over 6000 demos.

What I've been doing now to clean up the older challenges is to simply remove the entry from the recap post with a comment letting users know to submit a new version of their projects.

I'm getting through the older challenges this month so everything posted should be current.