imsmanifest and Sumtotal player

May 20, 2016

I was given the attached imsmanifest file years ago with the instructions to take the imanifest located in the Storyline scorm file and rename it with a copy on the end.

Then to add the attached imsmanifest file in the same folder. Storyline would look at the attached imsmanifest file, and not the one with copy at the end of the file name. This will make the Sumtotal player lost by default. It worked for sometime. 

I am now in Storyline 2, and have noticed this is not working on my courses. I have looked the following link: I'm not sure if I am missing something when I do this, but when I try to do this, the file never works.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Melissa!

We have no further insight other than what was shared in that article. I would recommend following up, as the article states, with SumTota documentation:

For additional information, refer to Working with the API for SCORM Extensions in SumTotal, provided by SumTotal Systems, Inc.

Our team is really generous in providing hints to assist our users if they are known, but it is still a customization that we cannot support.

Again, we have a wealth of knowledge with our user community as well and hopefully someone will be able to better assist.

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