in a state with states!

I am hoping someone can help me as I am going round in circles with states and it is now doing my head in!

I have a menu made up of several clickable rectangles - when you click on the rectangle, the state of the box changes to selected and when the slides attached to that menu item have been viewed the state of the box changes to completed, If however you do not complete all the slides, and you return to the menu - the state of the rectangle shows selected (but not complete) - all works perfectly

However if  then if I repeat the action  ie select the same menu item, but again don't complete the slides but go back to the menu, the state of that rectangle switches back to Normal....


If I keep doing this the state of that menu rectangle toggles between Selected and Normal - I cannot work out why it is doing this but more importantly how to stop it!

I need it to stay selected until the slides have been completed regardless of how many time you go in and out of that menu section

changing the  "when revisting" setting  to "resume saved state" doesnt sort out the issue!


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