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Katie Riggio

Hello there, Giovanni!

Happy to point you in the right direction! First, could you share a little more detail about what you're looking to achieve?

In the meantime, you could create variables based on learners getting correct or incorrect feedback and those variables can be called upon again throughout the course. Triggers can also be made conditional based on variable values.

Giovanni Bustillo

Excellent thanks Katie, what I am looking for is that the variable one adds me and when I reach 80% passes the exam. In the case of variable 2, I need it to be subtracted from 100% and when it reaches 70%, it will automatically pass the test not passed. It is a test of 10 questions, and no matter how many questions you take if it is less than or equal to 70 the trigger will send it to "Not exceeded".
That is why my query is how I can do so that the +10 values are saved in variable 1 and the -10 value is saved in variable 2

Lauren Connelly

Hi Giovanni!

To complete this in your Storyline project, you would need to add a customized variable on the results slide. With the customized variable, you could add triggers with conditions that adjust the variable when a user reaches a certain percentage.

As you'll see in the trigger panel, there isn't a way to adjust the default result slide variable.

We could offer a more specific solution if you want to share your file with us. You can do so by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion. Or you can share the file privately with our Support Engineers by using this link.