in html5 output audio on a slide best practice

What is the best practice for audio on storyline 360 slides published to html5. Here is the use case. On a slide there is a number of audio clips for the narration sequenced along the slide at cue points rather than one audio clip for the entire slide. Does this cause problems for html5 by having a number of audio clips on a slide? Guidance appreciated as we are trouble shooting some IE11 problems with html5 output.

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David Burnham

Thanks for your reply Alyssa - unfortunately the course is hosted behind our corporate fire wall. We use IEll as our default browser because of corporate applications built on it. What we are seeing though in testing on IE11 and Edge is that on various slides, and it appears to be those that have the audio sequenced that there is a lag in the content display and occasional black areas on the slide where graphics should appear. We were publishing to modern player. So some of our thinking has been that because we have various audio clips to load and unload during the slide duration that this might be causing some of our lag issues. I know that as best practice I never start audio to begin right at 0 seconds on the timeline and I never end the audio right at the end of the timeline. Years of flash and html development have told me that audio is resource intensive so make sure that the system can handle it. Normally we only have one audio clip per slide but because of timelines we needed to edit the audio script on a slide by slide basis without creating a single clip, That's why were thinking that this might be a problem.

Since 360 has been tested by you folks on IE11 and Edge, any other thoughts or suggestions on the lag and black boxes would be appreciated as we are trying to roll out to our team.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi David,

It certainly does sound like you're experiencing some lagging issues. Would you like our support engineers to take a second look at it? 

You can upload your file privately to our support team here, and they'll delete the file when they're done troubleshooting. They'll give it a test and let you know what we find!