In need of advice with Storyline Challenges

With work and school I find I have not been able to participate as much as I would like to in the challenges. 

Anyone have any suggestions or advice for how they stay active in the community with a full schedule? 


Also..I see so many people with a little character as their profile picture, how and where do you get one! I love the animated look and would love to have my own. 

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Allison Goldthorpe

HI Taylor,

It is tough to find the time to participate. I would recommend committing to a reasonable schedule- I try to participate in one challenge per month rather than trying to do them all. Also, remember that your submission doesn't have to be super polished. You could do quick sample, mock something up in PowerPoint, or even jot down some notes and submit a picture of that. If you're not already subscribed to the challenges page, do that so you get notified by email whenever a new challenge is posted.

As for the photo, I believe you'll see the option to select from characters when you're on your profile page.