In regards to scrolling panels

We are having this issue where a set of objects (some text boxes, circles with states and such, counting up to around 35) can't be added all to a scroll panel. Some of them can, but some of them really don't.

We select them all, grab them and move them over the scroll panel to fit them in but some objects end up outside of the panel (even when all of them are selected), which is really annoying.

I have submitted a feature request to add a button option somewhere so we can add objects to a panel simply with some clicks, so we don't have to deal with all this (or that if we have to add an object, we can add it manually rather than by dragging it, which doesn't always work we've seen).

If this is already possible to do, would you direct me to where I'd need to go to do it? Is there another workaround to add a bunch of shapes to a scroll panel?

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