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Kelly Schrodi

I have a question on the audio when revisiting a slide.  Here's what I have...a slide with multiple buttons on it.  When a button is selected they are taken to a new slide.  To return to the slide with the buttons, they can either select the Previous button or a tab on top that takes the back to that slide.  Here's my question...it seems too repetitive to start the instructional audio when brought back to that slide.  Is there a way to resume the audio where it left off?  I have used the steps in the link above but Resume saved state does not affect the audio?? Is there a way to not start audio at the beginning if you have already visited that slide?

And from an instructional design perspective should I only play the audio on the initial visit and not when revisited?  If yes, is there a way to do that?  Thank you so much for any advice.