In Survey Result Slides, When Review Button is pressed.. user is not able to see answers to their survey questions.

I have created a survey simulation, in which at the end of result slide I have used review button to review answers for the survey questions(Pick one). I have set the questions slide to reset to initial state when revisiting that slide. I have set that because I have some end points on simulations and user will retake the simulation again from that end point, so as not to see previous answers I have reset the slides, but when user completes the survey successfully and press review button, the slides are reset again and user is not able to review previously answered questions. How to tackle this problem? I have used automatically decide option and Its works fine for review but when user Retakes the simulation from end point, then previous answers are already selected. Need help? This is my research simulation and needs solution. Anyone?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Deep!

Yes, when you have the slide set to re-set to initial state, the review is not going to work as expected. 

You could place a button/trigger on the slide that takes the user back to the simulation to reset the results of x slide and jump to the first slide of your simulation. That's what the built in retry button does from a results slide.