Inaccurate Answers on Quiz Review

Hi all,

I'm creating some simple quiz slides (TF/MC/Matching) and everything works fine when I hit the results slide. The trouble is when I click "review."  Some of the questions that were selected correctly are now marked wrong. Out of 5 questions, three were marked incorrectly on the review.

Any thoughts on how to correct this?

Thanks in advance,

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Bruce Graham

Hi Mark,

On a first quick look, this all seems to be functioning correctly to me.

Would you please check (as per my first hunch...), that in fact what's happening is that the answers have the correct correct/incorrect assignation, but because you have the "Shuffle Answers" set, (see image below), it's just that it LOOKS as though it is messin' up.

Otherwise, I am stumped - as all seems to work OK from the quick test I did.

The Quizzing functionality is pretty robust, not sure what is going on here...


Mark Testa

Thanks Bruce. . .after you went through quiz, did you hit review quiz? If so, what happened?  When I do it, I answer everything correctly and get to the results screen with 100%

When I click review, I get these screens including a change in the grade. So what appears to be happening is when I hit review, it changes the answer somehow. Please take a look. Also, on that matching slide the shuffle option is greyed out. That's the only one with that option. The TF and MR questions still get errors. The hotspot and fill in questions are accurate.