Inaccurate Answers on Quiz Review

Hi all,

I'm creating some simple quiz slides (TF/MC/Matching) and everything works fine when I hit the results slide. The trouble is when I click "review."  Some of the questions that were selected correctly are now marked wrong. Out of 5 questions, three were marked incorrectly on the review.

Any thoughts on how to correct this?

Thanks in advance,

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Steve Connell

I'm still looking for an answer for this in QM.  I submitted my case on January 18th and uploaded my file, but no resolution.  It has caused me major headaches.  There is nothing worse than taking a quiz and then while reviewing the material being told your answer is incorrect when in fact it is correct.  This has happenned on different files published from QM2009 to Articulate Online as well as QM2009 to SCORM, used in another LMS.

max maizels

dear all

in using storyline 1 , i have newly utilized the question bank features

i created a qbank which users draw 1 question from the bank during learning to self test
after the question is answered, they may review by clicking the review button
when the user returns to learning and re-clicks for a single draw question, even though draw questions randomly is clicked, the same question reappears with the review layer still presented

rather than a new question drawn

i have tried varies layer options - resume initial state, auto decide, 
for one or all layers

but i cant seem to get a consistent result
if i hit replay on the previewed presentation, then it works fine

please advise





Leslie McKerchie

Hi Max!

You may find that the same questions are shown when retaking a quiz if the following conditions are true:
*  The questions are stored in a question bank.
*  The question draw is randomized.
*  You're viewing the HTML5 version of the course.
This is a known issue. See this article for more information.
Leslie McKerchie

Hi Max! If you are replying via e-mail then attachments will not come through, as I'm not seeing the screencast that you referenced. 

Perhaps I did misunderstand initially, and be sure that you have allowed quiz retries via the Results Slide as explained here. 

You are also welcome to share your .story file if you'd like us to take a look.