Inaccurate quiz score of zero always reported in ios

May 23, 2016

Hi - We have a quiz that lives in SCORM Cloud and uses a custom variable to track which of three allowed attempts the learner is currently in. All of it works as it should, without fail, from the desktop. It is published from Storyline 2 as SCORM 2004 for html 5 only. Using Chrome on an iphone, the quiz looks and functions exactly as it should except for the scoring. It returns a score of zero every time - even with perfect answers. Because it seems like an issue internal to the course itself (as though it forgets how to score the questions or can't access that information) I am starting here to try to resolve this. Thanks to anyone who can advise us.


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Camilla Suduth

Hi Leslie - Thank you for getting back to me.  

I found the latest SL update and saw that this issue was one of the many it addressed (multiple scored items at once in ios) -- and the scoring issue indeed now seems to be resolved!  

Progress! : ) 

However, now I am finding on multiple run throughs of the quiz that each time some questions (all are multiple choice/single correct answer) will seemingly not allow me to select any answer choice. I have reformatted all of them to put more space between the answer choices thinking they might be too close together for a touch screen. Although I have now reformatted them, which questions work or don't is inconsistent across attempts on the same device. Before (when it wouldn't score correctly) the radio buttons all worked fine -- now it scores correctly if I can just get it to let me select an answer for all the questions every time. 

I have been using Chrome each time and was also in the earlier testing, prior to the SL update.

I had not yet reported this new twist because we are attempting to test to see if this same issue appears across devices. If we find that it does, I would love to share the file with you --  I just want to make sure first that we aren't wasting your time due to some phone screen quirk that is only now appearing.

 I will watch the thread and be back in touch with either the file or an update to this latest issue.

Thanks again!

Camilla Suduth

Hi Phil - Thanks for that info. Somehow I had the (mistaken) idea that because it was an HTML5 file that it would be better to use Chrome so I will try changing browsers. We have, through testing, found that it looks to likely be an ios issue as our one Android tester had no problems and every Apple product user has had the same non-responsive buttons issue - just never the same buttons.

Will check the browser to see if that resolves it.



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