Inbox - Drag and Drop Issues with triggers

I am using the Inbox Drag and Drop template and I wanted the the statements to disappear once they had been dragged to the relevant drop area.  I added triggers to the drag objects one by one and ask the state of the object to change to hidden once dropped on the correct drop object.

What happens now is when i drag an object to the box, it does hide but along with other undragged objects.

I'm fairly new to Articulate and assume its something to do with the triggers i have set but after checking online, i cant find the specific answer i need .

The first drag is true the third one is false and then all the rest have gone.

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Antony Snow

Hi Kerry - welcome to Heroes!

Having had a look at your file, I can see that you just need to amend your triggers slightly. Currently, the triggers to change the state of your drag items (Note-1, Note-2 etc.) are set when an object is dropped on either the True or False shape. It's a little misleading but you need to specify which object so your trigger should look something like this:

Action: Change state of

On object: Note-1

To state: Hidden

When: Object dropped on

Object: Note-1 (this is the misleading bit as if you read the above, it would appear that you want the state to change when an object is dropped on your False shape)

Dropped on: False

I have amended your file and reattached for your reference - I hope it helps