Include total # of pages viewed on results slide

I'm hoping to build a simulation of a complicated process with a number of decision points, using branching.  If the user makes good choices, they will complete the process more efficiently, using fewer steps.  If they make poor choices, the process will take longer, as expressed by a higher page count.  I'd like to track the number of slides it takes a user to complete the course and display it on a results page.  I tried setting up a variable to add 1 to the value when a user clicks the Next button but the results don't display.  Is there  something I'm doing wrong or is there a better way to track the number of pages?



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Josh Uhlig

Hi Clint,

It sounds like you are on the right track.  Another option is to attach the trigger to the beginning of the timeline of each slide.  That way it doesn't matter if the user clicks a next button or if the slide advances in some other manner. 

How are you attempting to display the variable?

Regardless of how you decide to increment the variable, you should be able to display the result by adding a text box to the results slide with the variable name identified between two % symbols.  For example:  %countvariable% will display the current value of countvariable.