Including a PowerPoint show (ppsx) in Storyline 2

Hello. I am relatively new to Storyline 2. I need to include a PowerPoint file in the Resources tab of my Storyline course. Ideally I would like to include it as a PowerPoint slide show (ppsx) file, as opposed to a PowerPoint presentation (pptx) file so that when the user clicks it from the Resources tab, it automatically opens up into slide show mode. However, when I include a ppsx, it still opens up just like a pptx file where the user has to click the slide show icon to put it in slide show mode. Is there something I'm missing?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katie,

That's not a supported file type for linking to items within the Resources section of Storyline - but perhaps you may want to look at loading the Powerpoint slide show to an external site where it could play automatically and then using it as URL link within the resource tab? Also keep in mind that if adding files, the learners will also need the appropriate software to access the file, vs. linking to aURL where it would open in their browser.