Incompatable Application

In thelast week I've worked on one course infrequently (due to other schedule conflicts).  Each time I've experienced show responses when editing text (jerking, jumping of text boxes, changes in text size, etc.)  When I've closed and done the trouble shooting I received the message that errors were found "Incompatible Applicaiton"  I have not changed any of my other software or operating system since I last used the program and it worked fine then.  But, I am working on a corporate network.

Any ideas?

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Judy.

Would you be able to submit a Support Case and include any screen captures and/or logs from your troubleshooting process and the "Incompatible Application" notification message you received?  This doesn't sound like a typical error that would be generated from the Storyline App, so we'd probably like to know more about where that is coming from.  Thanks!

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Judy, Articulate recommends that you work on a local drive when using Presenter or Storyline. I think if you start working locally this error message should go away.

As for the jumpy text - this is a known issue of the product right now. To avoid some of the text jumping, resizing etc, make sure your view is set to 100%.