Incompatible with IE with Skype enabled?!

Hi... we just had a client reach out to us with this question: "One question I have is that I discovered this week that the training is incompatible using IE browser with Skype enabled which is our imaged configuration. Is this just a glitch or will this be an ongoing issue?"

Does anyone have any insight into this issue?! We don't use Skype internally, and we always direct people away from IE when possible, but many organizations still use IE and can't change what their entire user population uses at the drop of a hat. 

So can anyone weigh in on this? 

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Ashley Schwartau

I'm waiting on more details from them, but from what I understood, they have some sort of Skype add-on for IE. I've heard of anti-virus add-ons causing issues, or even certain AV programs running in the background have caused some clients' training to stop all together. But this Skype issue is a new one. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ashley! 👋 

I haven't heard of any issues with an IE Skype add-on, and a quick search through our ELH forums and some cases didn't yield any other customers running into the same thing with the published output.

I have seen authors who had Skype enabled in connection with their Microsoft Office setup, and if those were different versions/updates that was causing issues with authoring content in Presenter. 

To help with any testing, do you know what version of IE they're using, and the version of the Skype add-on? Also what happens when they try to access the course, does it not load or is there an error? I believe you're using Articulate 360 - but let me know if this course was created with another version too. 

Ashley Schwartau

Thank you for your reply! Yeah I couldn't find ANYTHING when I was digging around either. I'm still waiting for more information from the client (I'm not in direct contact with them; a customer service rep is the liaison so it's a bit slow for communication). As soon as I get more info, I'll be back!!