Incomplete Change of state in Drag&Drop

Mar 08, 2021

Hello community,

I'm facing a problem, that I made a Drag and Drop by triggers, where initial state od Drag item is rectangle of size, let's say, 10x10 with text of font size 17.

When I drop it, I changed state of the rectangle (to drop correct/incorrect) to 5x5 and font to 13, so it will fit it.

Problem is, that when I drop it, size of shape change to new (5x5) but the size of font remains as on the beginning.

Have you any idea, how can I solve this problem?


Thank you for all the suggestions

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Matt!

I'm happy to help! Are you using a Drag and Drop question type, or have you built a drag and drop questions slide without using the quiz question template?

It sounds like the state of the object when it's dropped should change the shape and font size. In the slide, only the size of the shape is changing as the font stays the same. 

It's hard to determine what might be in the way without testing the file. Would you mind sharing the project you're working on? You can attach the .story file to this discussion or upload it to our Support Engineers privately.