Incomplete/Complete - Passed/Failed


I have had 2 x instances today where I have compiled SL courses to "Completed/Incomplete" based on slide completions, and the clients have told me their LMS is seeing "Passed/Failed".

Is this something that other people have seen, and what's the best way to try and sort this?!

Is this likely to be LMS issues?


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Seth Merriam

Hi Emily,

Yes I tested with both SCORMCloud and my LMS. And it was with Storyline 2.

When I exported the files, for AICC, they worked in SCORMclould, but NOT in my LMS. 

When I edited the "lms.xml" file to make the modification to the normalizeStatus function – replacing "passed" with "completed" it worked in my LMS, and I believe in SCORMcloud as well, but I can't recall if I tested there or not.

Honestly, an easier fix, since this was just based on the number of slides viewed, and the menu is restricted, was just to add a Javascript trigger on the last slide that updated the status with SetStatus("completed"); 

But, moving forward, I wanted to find a solution, since it does not seem to report properly for us when exporting right from SL 2.

chiefy .

Hi Seth,

This is still an issue, every time I publish a course that is being placed onto an LMS I have to update the SCORMFunctions.js file.

See my thread here, to find fixes and a bit of discussion.