Inconsistent Course Final Results recording

Is anyone else experiencing inconsistent course result recording since the Update 10 has been released?

  • We are experiencing problems with the courses (not) passing the information to our LMS. Our engineers have been working on the situation, but the problem persists. This is only happening with courses published using Storyline 2 - Update 10.
  • The courses have been tested in ScormCloud, but we have not been able to duplicate the problem, yet the problem continues.
  • Our courses, using Update 7, do not exhibit these problems. Only the most recent courses released using Update 10 exhibit these problems.
  • It appears as if the course is not passing the information back to the LMS. However, this is happening on a random basis - probably 50% of the time it is recording - 50% of the time it is not recording.

If you have experienced this, have you been able to resolve it and how have you been able to resolve the situation?

The Articulate Team has been trouble shooting, but has not been able to duplicate the problem.

Thank you

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Jill Freeman

We have recently encountered issues where the user gets a error message on the last screen, sometimes after passing a quiz. The status in our LMS stays In Progress. Many of the user transcripts show multiple views of the course, but view time shows 0 mins in course.

I am not sure what update was in place when we published these courses, but I think it was SL2 and all in 2017.  It is also an inconsistent issue; many users can successfully complete the courses. This involves all the major browsers, not just one. We think it is Flash-related as our LMS no longer allows new course uploads that contain any Flash files (legacy Flash courses should still play nice in the LMS).

Would love some ideas or guidance here. Anyone else experiencing strangeness?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jill, 

Did you recently update any of the courses in your LMS with a new copy or similar? Do you know if this is only occurring for new users or users who had previously started it and are now coming back to test it? 

This discussion is a bit older, and I don't see that D and the Support team were able to determine if it was anything specific to the course since the results were so inconsistent. 

Jill Freeman

Thanks, Ashley. We've updated some of these courses in our LMS as HTML5 only. Since then the same users have sent me screenshots of "Congrats" slide at end after quiz, but LMS status still shows as In Progress. No correlation between new vs revisiting that I can tell. Hoping this was a known issue or that someone in the community will chime in.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jill,

It's not something I've seen, but you mentioned updating some of the courses - are you overwriting what was previously there? If so, that could cause issues with your suspend data. 

If that's the case you may need to clear the suspend data to allow learners to retake it and reset their progress.