Inconsistent feedback styles (or 'What have I done?)

Jul 30, 2013


I started using Storyline about 6 months ago. After writing the first module of a course, I then wrote each new module by using the first module as a template (i.e. using 'save as' to reduce any re-building time). However, I've finally decided to fix a problem that I've noticed from the start. The feedback message for an incomplete interaction is a very different style to a correct or incorrect message. I've attached images of both here. (My text edit - obviously - on correct answer feedback.) All other responses in the course appear in the style of the correct answer feedback.

In investigating this problem, I saw a post in which someone else had posted an image of their original 'invalid answer' message and it looks the same as everything else. I then created a new Storyline file and mocked up a question and that invalid answer message looked like everything else.

 What could I have done to create this difference in the first place and is there an easier fix than editing each slide individually?

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Bruce Graham


Go to the Question, and when you click on it you will see "Feedback Master" at the top right of the page.


Duplicate it and Rename (using right-click). I often create "Big Answers", so that I can put in a lot of feedback.

Then re-draw it/re-colour/re-style it as required.

You then apply the master to the whole question.

I think you need to do this at a course level - not sure if a new Feedback Master works/shows up for all courses.

Hope this helps.


Lil Monk

Hi Bruce

Thanks for replying.

I haven't played with the master slides before and they still baffle me.

I can only see the feedback master window if I click on one of the layers. I can only see the 'correct' and 'incorrect' feedback layers. I have successfully edited one of the master slides as I can now see the renamed master in the drop-down lists for these layers. But how do I apply it to a layer I can't see? And how do I apply it at a course level?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jacinta,

You're correct that there is no invalid answer feedback layer.

Did you by any chance at one point change the "invalid answer window's" color in the player? See this thread: Edit the invalid answer look and feel.

There's also a thread here on customizing the message, but I don't think that's what you're looking to do.

Lil Monk

Hi Rebecca

Thanks for your help.

I'm sure I wouldn't have known how to change the 'invalid answer' window colour back then. However, I remember changing the player colour in the middle of drafting the first module, so perhaps that's why this has happened. I have somehow then replicated this in the next two modules, perhaps with the 'save as' function.

Thanks for the link to 'Edit the invalid answer look and feel'. I found the link yesterday, but I was still hoping there might have been a 'fix weird things' button! I have now changed all required settings in the player on my first module. I'd love it if someone knows how to change the bold/normal text settings or the size of the message shape, but, at this stage, it's good enough!

For anyone who's interested, here's a rundown of all the bits to change on the invalid answer message:

  • window/bg - main colour of message
  • window/inner - border colour of message
  • window/divb - dividing line
  • window/diva - dividing line sitting directly beneath divb
  • window/text - top text in message
  • editor/slide_text - lower text in message
  • editor/btn_text - button text
  • editor/btn_bg - main colour of button
  • editor/btn_hover - hover colour of button
  • editor/btn_down - down colour of button

Thanks again, Rebecca and Bruce!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jacinta,

Glad the thread helped. Betcha' when you were fiddling w/player color (or colour ) settings "back then", that's what happened! I've done all sorts of  "weird" things in a variety of programs when I've first started out using them...and I've watched other Learners do the same when I've taught F-2-F classes.

Tx also for posting here for others who may run into a similar situation.

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