Inconsistent Hyperlinks: 5 of 7 work


I've published a course in storyline (from my desktop to my desktop). The course is filled with hyperlinks, and whether or not they work is highly inconsistent. On one page, for example, 5 of the hyperlinks work and 2 do not. All of the settings are the same.

By "the hyperlinks don't work" I mean that when you roll over it and try to click on the text and acts like there isn't even a hyperlink there. I am viewing the course through my LMS.

Has anyone experienced this problem before? If so, how did you fix it? I tried removing the hyperlinks and adding again, and that worked for some - but the problem still persists on others.

Many thanks!!


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Kevin Dowd

I figured it out! For some reason, my 7 hyperlinks had about 20 triggers. Once I deleted all of the triggers and completely started over with the links, everything worked like a charm.

Thanks Douglas. It was when I cut down my project to one slide that I could share that I found the problem!