Inconsistent Mouse Pointer (Slade to Slide)

Jan 14, 2016

Hi All,

I don't know if I'm loosing my mind, but I'm struggling to keep the mouse pointer start from the end point on the previous slide. I know the system should automatically pick the start point from the previous slide, but this is not happening for me.

This happens with manually inserted Mouse Pointers and from the step by step screen recording wizard.

I was also hoping that the issue would not carry forward after publishing, but this was not the case.

Does anybody have any ideas / suggestions on how to fix this problem.

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Adam Jackson

Hi Christie,

Yes after publishing to CD I'm still seeing the same behaviour. Also to make sure that this was not an issue on my terminal I had placed it on our company intranet site then accessed this on a colleagues PC, again seeing the same interaction.

My colleague is going to see if he can replicate the same error. I will let you know the results of this (for both inserted mouse pointers and screen recordings).

Update 16:50 GMT; My colleague has just replicated this on his machine, we are both using build 7:1509.1408 of Storyline 2 and are on Windows 7 as our operating system.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adam,

Thanks for reaching out here and sharing that update. In regards to the screen recordings, if you're doing it as a video on a single slide it should be consistent throughout, but the step by step slides is only translating into clicks so it may not show or capture all the mouse movements inbetween. This thread is a bit older, but there are some further explanations and ideas in terms of how to modify the behavior. This other thread offers up some additional examples and a reminder that if you're deleting slides or modifying the location of mouse movements they won't be carried through from one slide to the next. 

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