Incorporate interactive process flow from LucidChart

Apr 25, 2019

Has anyone had any experience incorporating a process flow chart from LucidChart and making it interactive? I want to use the process flow that i've created in LucidChart in Storyline 3 in a way that lets me use interactive hot spots on each flow object. I don't want to have to re-create all the flow objects again in Storyline, but I can't simply past them into Storyline (that pasts it as an image of all the objects). 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Deirdre! 

My first thought was to embed the Lucidchart directly on the slide using a web object, but it looks like Lucidchart doesn't allow the content to be displayed in a frame. Instead, it would need to be displayed in a new browser window.

What kind of interactivity did you have in mind? With a little more detail, maybe the community can share alternative ideas with you!

Deirdre Sherman

Caveat - I am new to Storyline. I want to use the flow chart i made in LucidChart in Storyline, so that when a user hovers their mouse/clicks an object in the flow, it would link to a different section in the course (or another course). This way users have to read the overall process, but they can tailor their hands-on learning by going directly to the topics or sub-process. The process flow is relevant to everyone, but they may only need to learn the details of a specific section/course. I could just create an index and have hot spots that link them, but I want to use the business process flow as a sort of index/TOC. 

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