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Oct 04, 2013


I'm new to Storyline but am trying to minimize the UI as much as possible and somehow show my content full screen at all times. On the iPad I notice that if you add in the menu, glossary or resources at all you end up losing a lot of your content space to a bar that doesn't appear to be hide-able. Is there a way to incorporate the glossary/menu/resources into the content space avoiding the menu area at all in the Articulate Mobile Player?

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Nandini Khandekar

Hi Peter

The menu bar does take a lot of space which otherwise can be used for course content. What I do is custom make the menu and navigational buttons to go with the look and feel of the course. Remove it by unchecking the menu and glossary and resources option from the player setting.

The default next / back buttons can be removed from the slide settings. I generally use custom menu and navigational buttons for each course. Use triggers to achieve the desired functionality eg. 'Jump to next / previous slide' for next / back buttons.

Have a look at my course to see what I am talking about.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Peter, welcome to Heroes! 

It looks like you're getting some help from Dipti here, but I just also wanted to share with you that the Player features you mention, are available within the AMP only on the left sidebar as you'll see in this comparison chart whereas in other output you'd be able to put them up in the tabs section on the right/left.

Peter Flynn

Thanks Dipti and Ashley. I tried to incorporate a custom Previous and Next button in my design but it was more of a hinderance than I hoped for (especially when working with Knowledge Check type questions).

It's good to know that adding my own custom TOC (menu), glossary and resources buttons might not be possible. I figured if I set up a button within each screen of my eTutorial I could potentially create a layer popup of a glossary, menu and resources but I think logistically it might be as much of a nightmare as creating the Previous and Next buttons.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to create a custom UI in something like the master pages where I could just update it once and have it work for everything but as I found with the Previous and Next buttons, it wasn't working as well as I hoped. Is this something Storyline will be incorporating in the near future, allowing users to customize the UI even further? Would something like that cause any issues with an LMS that you know of?

Thanks again for the responses.



Peter Flynn

On another note, I love the example you sent Dipti.

I'm curious how difficult it would be to create a full eLearning module with say 40 slides the way you've designed your example. How difficult was it to create the quiz bank the way you did using a custom Submit. I think that was a major blocking point when I was creating my sample. If I can create my own submit button/menu and feedback the way you did that's basically all I'd need. I just need to be able to do that on a large scale eTutorial as efficiently as possible.

Thanks again for the example. Great design on that!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peter,

In regards to future updates, I can't speak to what may or may not be included or a timeline around future release - but I'd encourage you to share those thoughts with our team by submitting a Feature request. 

I have seen courses where there are custom buttons generated on the slide master to do the things you've described, but they don't link to our built in menu, glossary or resources - everything is customized (either using layers or lightbox slides). 

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