Incorporating Questions into Course

Oct 05, 2013

I'm very new at this and have a course created and a question bank created.  Is there a way to show the question bank in story view?  Ideally, I would like the trigger of the last learning slide in the course to go to the question bank and then the last question slide to go to the last slide in the course.  It seems like the course and questions are entirely separate.  Can they be merged together?

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Diana Surleac

Hi Michele,

Have you tried to insert a button on the last learning slide and put a trigger to jump to slide - to the first question slide.

And on the last question slide - put a button with trigger to jump to slide - to the last learning slide.

Or, if they are in separated scenes, copy question slides and paste them at the end of the learning slides.

Michele Esser

Thanks for replying.  It was difficult to describe my issue, but I figured it out.  As I said, I am rather new and the solution was simply to insert a new scene and then to right click the scene and choose to insert Questions from Bank.  That put the question bank into the story view.  A simple thing but really stumped me for a bit.

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