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Apr 12, 2017

Hello. After I publish my presentation, I go through it and answer the questions.  If I choose the correct answer and click on "Submit" it jumps to the next slide (question slide) correctly...but if I choose the incorrect answer and click on "Submit" it doesn't do anything...if I click "Submit" again the standard "Incorrect" notice will pop up and then I can hit continue and it will jump to the next slide.  Why do I have to hit the Submit button twice in order for it to go to the next slide?

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Walt Hamilton

If you only have 1 attempt, an incorrect answer gets the Incorrect layer response when Submit is clicked. A correct answer gets the Correct layer. But when you give the user more than 1 attempt, then the correct answer gets the Correct layer, and only the last incorrect answer gets the Incorrect layer. All other incorrect answers get the Try Again layer.

In this example, I set the attempts to 2, which automatically created a Try Again response layer. But then I erased the Try Again response. It acts exactly like you describe: I have to hit the Submit button twice to get a response if the answer is wrong.


Helena Smith

Ok so If I want to reset the answers and have the user try again, I need to do the following?

Create 3 attempts (at least)

First incorrect attempt (Try Again button appears) 

User should return to the main slide and all answers are reset

User selects another incorrect answer (user returns to the main slide all answers are reset)

Final attempt is incorrect but now I want to show the user the correct answer. 

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