Incorrect answers marked in document when published from SL2 to Word

Apr 15, 2015

When I published my story to word, for the SME to review, they responded that the answer choices didn't line up with the screen.  I thought maybe I did something to the Word document after I published it, so I re-published it to make sure... but the issue still occurs.  See screen capture below.  The answers marked in the actual slide are correct, it is the answer choices in the table below that are incorrect.


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Bobbi Bailey


Thanks for the suggestion!  I did have shuffle answers on... so I went back in and changed the shuffle to none on one of the questions and republished to Word.  Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the issue, as the slide still shows correct and the table below still shows incorrect.  :-(

There has to be a simple explanation for this!  We just have to find it!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bobbi,

Thanks for the file. I published to Word and I don't see the same behavior. The table matches the answers selected on the slide in the Word file and it also matches the .story file as I see the answers selected. Can you take a look at my Word file? 

If you continue to see odd behavior when publishing to Word, I'd want to confirm that you're on the latest update of Storyline 2 (update 4), that you're publishing to a local drive, and that you have Word or other Microsoft Office programs closed when going through the publish.  If the behavior continues to persist after exploring those options, I think you'll need to go through the repair of Storyline. 

Bobbi Bailey


Hmmm... you are correct.  When I publish from the stripped file (preso slides and proprietary info removed) that I uploaded earlier, it does publish correctly.  I cannot publish the full .story file here in a public forum.  Is there another way that I can send the file to you?

I do have the latest version of SL2, I am publishing to my hard drive, Word was closed (though that has never caused an issue in the past when I have had it open).  I really do not believe there is any issue with my version of SL2, so I think a repair is pretty unnecessary at this time.

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