Incorrect banner displaying in Review for all questions, not just ones answered incorrectly

Mar 27, 2019

Hi, Under the Review Quiz function the banner displayed at the bottom is "Incorrect" for all questions no matter if the question was answered correctly or incorrectly.  How can I get the banner to show which ones were actually answered correct or incorrect? (using Storyline 3)

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Noel Read

Hi, by default it should be showing a correct banner for any questions answered correctly. I've attached a short quiz story that shows what is usually looks like with no customization (I'm also using SL3). 

I don't know of a way to edit those banners (someone else might). If my one works as it should, I would suggest you build a similar one to see if it works and if it does, then you may need to rebuild your quiz. If you build one like mine and it's still not showing a correct banner for questions that were answered correctly then it might be a technical issue.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Rita

are the quiz slide revisit property set to 'reset to initial state'? If so, when SL does the review and returns to the slide, the user selection for the answer will be removed (reset to initial state) and the incorrect banner will display even if the user originally answered it correctly.

See this Peek of the behaviour

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