Incorrect/ correct layers not present on visiting freeform questions


I'm finding that when creating a freeform question, if I revisit the question after having landed on the quiz results slide, (e.g. by pressing 'previous' after being on the quiz results slide) then the incorrect/correct layers don't show.

Is there any way to make this work?

I've tried setting the slides to "Resume saved state" when revisiting but it doesn't make any difference. It works for normal multiple choice questions but not for anything freeform.


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Michael Long

The file is attached. You'll see that the slide and feedback layers are set to saved state. Yet after visiting the results slide, the layers on the revisited slide do not appear. It is as if the results slide is triggering a setting to hide these layers. Even if you hit the previous button without clicking Review, the layers on the previous slide will not appear.

Mike Enders

Hi Michael,

I think what you're seeing is the Review Mode in Storyline. This is a baked-in process where you get the correct or incorrect message across the bottom of the quiz questions when you're reviewing.

If you'd like to override this (to some extent), you could:

1. Add a T/F variable to your project (set to False)

2. Add a trigger to your results slide to change the variable to True

3. Back on your question slide, add a trigger to show the correct layer when timeline starts if variable is equal to True.

4. Change slide and layer settings back to automatically decide.

If you wanted to trigger the incorrect slide layers as well, you'd add similar triggers on the question slides.

Note that this won't clear the baked-in review message and rectangle. That's still something that's not accessible. 

I hope this helps!


PS. I altered your file to show you the trigger for showing the correct layer. Attached below.