Incorrect feed back when question is correct

Hi I have a strange issue which I can't seem to resolve.I am using SL2.

I have a simple drag & match question on my course & depending on the answer given will take the delegate down a certain branch but as simple as this sounds it is really causing issues.In the preview stage even when the the questions is answered correctly the "incorrect" layer shows & takes the delegate down the wrong route,I just can't figure out why the "correct" layer is not showing.All help gratefully received as always.Thanks in advance.

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ashraf Akbar

Hi Nick 

there is nothing wrong what you have done but there was a tiny problem. 

You have multiple yes and no options and while matching, you were not doing the exact matching as you assigned in the "form view" . i just replaced your yes no options to numbers and and they are working fine. check the attached file

Let me know if it works