Incorrect Feedback

I have modified the feedback text in the incorrect slide layer to be more informative (giving the correct answer). This works fine when I preview the slide and the scene but if I preview the entire project it reverts back to the default text (You did not select the correct response.).  Is this a bug or am I doing somthing wrong. Which will it show when I publish?

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Wendy Farmer


In scene 2 you have a question bank with all your questions that are using the default Correct/Incorrect feedback layers.  You also have Scene 6 which has all the questions again with your custom feedback - that's where the difference is.

If you want the  Scene 6 questions in your question bank - open it up and import them in.

That's why we are seeing something different on 'same question'.  I'm looking at QB quiz slide and you are looking at a Scene 6 quiz slide.

Stefan Gottfried

Hi, i capture this thread because i have a similar issue. I have created 18 question slides and they work perfectly in preview. But as soon as I import them to a question bank, some of the slides show the incorrect layer altough they count the right answer to the results. It doesn't change anything if I copy the slides to a new project.

Attached you will find a .story file where this is visible on two example slides. Scene 1 works fine and it shows the correct layer if you answer correctly ("Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park" at question 1 and "… den Crystal River" at question 2).
Scene 2 pulls those two questions from the question bank and it always shows the wrong layer in the scene or full project preview. Sorry for my bad English, I hope you can follow.