incorrect feedback doesn't appears

Feb 20, 2020

Hello heroes,

I need quick help, please

in the quiz, when I allow the learner to take only one attempt,
then the incorrect feedback doesn't appear!

i need to make only one attemp and the incorrect feedback is appear

file is attached.

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Bdor,

Happy to help here! 

After reviewing your file, I was curious about the setup you are wanting to accomplish. Based on the layers that are added, are you wanting to provide feedback by choice? There is another way to achieve this and that is by changing the feedback settings from By Question to By Choice

Setting the feedback by choice lets you show different feedback for each answer choice: 

For more details on using this feedback, check out this user guide

Wendy Farmer

Hi Vincent

just linking this post from Bdor asking the same question

from my understanding all the incorrect options return the same incorrect feedback so ‘by question’ should work. I did update his file in the other post but haven’t heard back. 

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