Incorrect feedback when reviewing quiz

Sep 21, 2015


I'm getting strange behavior when testing a quiz, when I go to review my answers.

When testing the quiz, I got all questions right and the results slide is correct in stating that:

HOWEVER, when I go to review my answers, some slides show that I selected the correct answer BUT HAVE AN INCORRECT banner at the bottom:

This happens in multiple choice and true/false questions but not in multiple answers questions.

Any ideas? a setting I am getting wrong? bug?

appreciate quick help!



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Maya Yifat

Yeah, it's working.

I meant that as opposed to narrated slides, where I got the logic behind this setting, with quiz questions I don't fully understand why setting to initial state would give me an incorrect feedback when I chose the correct answer :-)

Doesn't matter tho, I guess I won't try to understand everything just learn as I go along :-)

Gabriele McDonnell

Hello, I am having a similar problem for a storyline3 course. If I answer all the questions correctly...scoring is accurate but review quiz is showing appropriately for the single answer questions but multiple choice questions show green check marks for correct answer and a red banner is showing incorrect. This assessment is set to allow 2 tries and min test score is 85%. If I change the settings for the multiple choice questions to either:  Resume Saved State or Automatically Decide will that mess up the ability to retry the assessment? Thank you in advance for your guidance!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Gabriele,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing that you've run into a similar problem with Storyline 3.

As long as you are using the 'Retry' option from the Result Slide, setting your slide properties to 'Automatically Decide' should do what you're expecting here and allow the Review to display correctly.