Incorrect feedback when reviewing quiz


I'm getting strange behavior when testing a quiz, when I go to review my answers.

When testing the quiz, I got all questions right and the results slide is correct in stating that:

HOWEVER, when I go to review my answers, some slides show that I selected the correct answer BUT HAVE AN INCORRECT banner at the bottom:

This happens in multiple choice and true/false questions but not in multiple answers questions.

Any ideas? a setting I am getting wrong? bug?

appreciate quick help!



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Maya Yifat

Yeah, it's working.

I meant that as opposed to narrated slides, where I got the logic behind this setting, with quiz questions I don't fully understand why setting to initial state would give me an incorrect feedback when I chose the correct answer :-)

Doesn't matter tho, I guess I won't try to understand everything just learn as I go along :-)