Incorrect layer does not display in freeform pick many quiz

Apr 10, 2014


I set up a freeform Pick Many quiz slide (I would attach the file, but keep getting a server error when I try to upload to this site). The user must select two out of four radio buttons in order to get the question correct. When they choose the correct radio buttons, the Correct Layer appears as appropriate. However, when they select the wrong radio buttons, and click Submit button, nothing happens. I'll continue to select wrong answers to no avail, but once I input the correct choices, and Submit, the correct layer appears and I move on.

Here are my quiz settings:

It seems as though Feedback or Score "by choice" as opposed to "by question" is not an option for the Pick Many question type. Only "by question" or "none" are settings to choose from.

Thanks for the help!


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rehan arshad

HI Denice. your problem is that you have selected the "Attempts" to unlimited.

Unlimited attempts means it would always give you "Try again" layer.

When you limit the "Attempts" to "1" it would give you "Incorrect layer" after one wrong attempt.

make sure that your "Pick many" interaction have incorrect layer placed, it is not deleted.

Hope this helps

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Denice,

It looks like Rehan has you on the right path here - with unlimited attempts you'll never see the incorrect layer, only the try again - which in your image in blank. You'll want to add some information to that layer section to be able to allow the user to view the layer and retry the question.

Our site was having some difficulty through early this AM accepting file uploads, so if you still would like to share it with us you should be good to go now. 

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