Incorrect player copntrols when revisiting a quiz question

Nov 13, 2012

I am trialling Storyline - I like what I see. But I wonder if I have found a bug (everyone says that and it is usually operator error!).

I have series Sequence Drag and Drop slides, which are accessed via hyperlinks from a single slide (using numbered graphics). The only player control on the question slides is a Submit button (the Prev and Next buttons player controls are unchecked) and I have set these to Resume saved state. There is no results slide. On clicking Submit, feedback is displayed  on clicking Continue, returns to the front screen again to select a new number graphic. 

The Submit button is no longer there - the question has been answered, so I would expect this, but in its place is now Prev and Next buttons, which I do not want. While the Prev takes them back to the hyperlinked slide, the Next button takes them to another question, which they may or may not have answered previously.

How can I remove the Prev and Next buttons, please? 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Bryan,

If you've already confirmed that you have the "Next", "Previous" buttons disabled, it may be a bug. Take a look at this thread just to make sure. Unfortunately, I don't think you can submit a bug report with a trial version of the software, since you don't have access to a serial number.

There is another conversation about working around this issue that I think may be helpful to you. Take a look at Steve's workaround, here.

Additionally, you can upload your .story file here so we can take a look.

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