Incorrect results displaying on the Results page (variable issues)

The wrong results are being displayed on the Results page when learners change their answers during a quiz. To give users feedback on the results page there is either a check mark for correct answers, or an "X" for incorrect answers.

This only happens when you change your answer from the correct choice to the incorrect choice while taking the quiz. I'm not sure how to set the variable to be true only when it's submitted, and not just when it's selected.

I've attached my course to the discussion, any help is appreciated!

Correct answers are:

Q1: Choice 1

Q2: Choice 1

Q3: Choice 3

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Liam -- Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear of your troubles! May I ask if you are finding this behavior when you test your course in the intended environment as described here: Publishing and Sharing Storyline 2 Content? And if you are using an LMS, are you also seeing this behavior when you test the course in the SCORM Cloud, as well?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Liam -- Thanks for your reply and the reason I asked about SCORM Cloud is that typically, if a course works correctly in the SCORM Cloud (the industry standard environment for testing LMS courses) but not in an LMS, that tends to indicate that the issue could be more related to how the course is functioning in the LMS platform vs. an issue with the course itself.

And at that point, we would recommend reaching out to your LMS provider directly for their insights. Here also is a great article that explains How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud

Christie Pollick

Hi, Liam -- After some additional investigation, I appear to be experiencing the difficulty you have described as well, so I would like to see if our Support Engineers might be able to explore a bit further. I will go ahead and submit a case on your behalf momentarily, and you should receive an email notification to that effect shortly thereafter. Thanks for your continued patience!